Beware heavy plant crossing.

You will notice that the front of the shop has come alive with colours, smells and greenery. Spring has sprung! Plants from Robert at Lydcott Nursery. Robert Plant? As Shakespeare once wrote in that famous scene in Julius Caeser where Casca and Cassius, whilst discussing
their leader amongst the herbaceous borders at the Gardenia Centrus, and looking for a nice present for Brutus, ‘it’s all green to me’! The plot thickens. I’m a bit like Casca (not all that murderous intent on the guy in charge obvs) but not knowing what plants are, unless there’s a handy label attached.

There are so many different varieties of the green stuff that a list is necessary. A ‘list’ as in a number of connected items in a consequetive order, not ‘list’ as in leaning to one side taking on cider, er, I mean water. That’s another story! Some items of the green stuff on offer have silly names too! Perhaps Brutus would have liked the Geranium Splish Splash? Splash it all over! Brute! Geddit? I really must work on my cultivated references! Cherry Lips, Amethyst Lips and Hot Lips varieties of saliva! Blimey! Sorry, that’s meant to be Salvia, my mistake! Imagine someone asking me if I’ve got Hot Lips outside? Phew. I’ve only just got over customers asking if I’ve got fat balls! Bird food! Now come on! I’m afraid to state we have cucumber plants called Femspot! We also have a variety of pea called Early Onward! When I told a customer I had one they said it was an age thing apparently. Odd, they were only delivered last week! I am feeling hungry and possibly completing my five-a-day with this lot: Raspberry Sundae Dianthus,Totally Tangerine Geum, Orkney Cherry Geranium, Mandarin Cosmos, Chocolate Mint, Blackberry Jam Heuchera and Trombone Spinach! We have 76 of the last one in the dig parade. Come on! Keep up!

Aware plant-based crossing.

We stock a good range of plant-based produce. Apparently, it used to be called vegan! You see all the adverts not using the V word. Cows eat grass, if that cow then has a baby cow, is that calf plant-based? Have to get the Mundays to fact check that hypothesis!

When did the phrase ‘do gooder’ become an insult? Food for thought.

Speaking of which, a good number of vegan produce is local too! Burts crisps sea salt and sea salt & vinegar are both vegan, also all of Willie’s Chocolate dark chocolate varieties. As mentioned before, some of Butter Bike Peanut Butter’s range and Sandford Orchards cider are plant-based too! Exeter Brewery’s Avocet and County Best are organic too! Then there are Marmite, Fruit Pastilles, Heinz Baked Beans and Tomato Ketchup, McCain’s Oven Chips and Branston Pickle! Fruit & veg too, but you already know that!


P.S. I recently had an altercation with a gardener. He started throwing herbs at me! I’m fine now but I was parsley blinded for an hour.

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