Sandford Stores


Stuart Wight

Manager & Postmaster

Rachel Luxton

Assistant manager

Kate Haydon

Assistant manager

Management commitee

Richard Ward


Andy Gibson


Carol Sandys

Gary Parsons

Liz Graham

Tim Harris

Shelly Phillips

Jo Forrest

Alison Archibald

Jo Little


At the time of writing, Sandford Community Stores is very much in need of volunteers. They are essential to ensure the viability of the shop. If you value the village shop, not only for yourself but for the more vulnerable in our community, please consider volunteering.


Stu, Rachel and Jen could not be more friendly, supportive and patient. There are a variety of ways to volunteer – here are some of the jobs that volunteers help with: 

  • Sorting the newspapers
  • Working on the till
  • Cleaning
  • Marketing
  • Stacking shelves
  • Checking dates on stock
  • Pricing
  • Making Coffee
  • Labelling products
  • Unpacking deliveries


Any time you can give is hugely appreciated – from a few hours to a full morning. 

Errors on the till worry some potential volunteers, but full training is given, and any error you make (everyone does – even the management!) is easily resolvable and you are never left on your own. 

As you will see from the quotes of current volunteers below, it is a fun job, an easy way to meet people and to learn about what is going on in the village, and gives a real sense of satisfaction. 

“The more you give in life, the more you get out of it” 


What our volunteers say:

“I love working in the shop on the occasional Sunday morning. It’s really enjoyable working with a fellow volunteer, and serving villagers whom you wouldn’t normally meet. It offers lots of fun as well as a great feeling of community satisfaction” –  Peter

“I really look forward to working in the shop once a week on the till, sorting shelves, coming up with ideas. As a newcomer to the area it’s been a great way to meet people and I feel very appreciated by the customers and staff. There’s lots of scope to become more involved if you wish”  – Shelley

‘Having received a warm welcome after moving to Devon this year from Surrey, I volunteered to help in the pleasant Sandford Community Store. I found it to be a very happy and rewarding task, whilst also meeting other villagers. Stu and Rachel are great people to work with, gibing helpful instructions and guidance in a warm and friendly manner” – Jeanette