Let’s talk nuts!


Honestly. Butter Bike Co are based at The Boatyard Bakery in Exeter. Alliteration!

The company started off with Jeni, a peanut butter fanatic on an old bicycle delivering round and about.

Business has blossomed somewhat but, no, she doesn’t pedal along the A377 with a basket on the front of
the two-wheeler.

Now that would be nuts. We hatched a cunning plan. Let me explain.

We have a delivery of wonderful seeded and white sourdoughs and spelt loaves from Emma and her team at The Boatyard
Bakery every Thursday. (please pre-order by Tuesday morning if you want to try some) You thought the
Ipcress File was complicated!

Now then, Black Dog Eggs deliver to Emma on a Thursday and pick up our bread order and deliver it to us, with our egg order too! Plan, but not eggs, hatched! The peanut butter is also delivered with the bread and eggs! Eggy bread? Nutty omelette? Fabulous local businesses working
together to help with food miles’ concerns and fuel prices and/or availabilty! The Butter Bike varieties heighten the quirkyness of the whole operation.

The Rugged (pronounced rugged) as you might expect, is my favourite. What? Listen, I would be pushing it with the Almost Smooth now wouldn’t I? The
flavoursome flavour varieties we have on offer include Chocolate Peanut Butter with dark chocolate and a sprinkling of sea salt, Honey Roast made with a drizzle of Quince Honey and Smoked Chilli made with chipotle chillies amd smoked paprika. All palm oil free with no added sugar and all but one suitable for vegans! My favourite method of consumption(?) is Rugged with Marmite on toast! Marmite is also vegan!

Butter Bike make a seasonal Gingerbread Peanut Butter too! Ginger is a cool hot foodstuff. Lots of useful healthy properties and it is found in a large number of products in Sandford Stores! Ginger Nuts, Dark Chocolate Gingers, Mild Ginger biscuits. Brendon Hills Syrup and Apple & Ginger Chutney, Tiptree Ginger Preserve. Willie’s Ginger & Lime Chocolate and Beech’e Dark Chocolate Gingers. It’s in cake, cough sweets, chrystallised, in crackers, in syrup, in lip balm, in cider, in tea, in wine, in hand cream, in wafers, in beer and in all its glorious freshness, sat next to its mate garlic in the hanging baskets of garden produce. We are not stingy with the ginger!


PS I have decided to dress as a different bread every day next week. Roll on Monday.

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