March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I have always thought that this was in relation to the weather. Perhaps it is, but why is it not in like a bucket and out like a windmill? We have inclement weather whatever that means and local forecasters like those off of the telly and every single customer coming into the shop, sometimes referring to it as ‘changeable’ (the polite ones do.) I am sure if you put the subtitles on when the Spotlight weather forecast is being presented and the word ‘changeable’ comes up, it would say ‘rain’. It certainly should do. The saying may have originated through astronomy; referencing the position of the constellations Leo (the wet lion) and Aries (the blow-dried ram or lamb) How can they tell? How can they see stars with all those clouds?

Talking of changeable, Sandford Community Stores is now looking for a new treasurer for the committee. A big thank you to Andy Gibson for all his help in the role over the last ten years or so. (possibly more but I can’t count) He put in a lot of his own time voluntarily to keep the books in order. Thank you again Andy. The job will involve overseeing financial matters to do with the shop; VAT, payroll etc. Some financial background would be advantageous but full training will be given. Andy took over from our original treasurer Paul Shakespeare but you do not need to have the surname of a world-famous eminent playwright to hold the position. Is there a Chekhov in the village? No, not the navigator guy from Star Trek! Different one, different spelling actually. You know, the one that wrote that one about his uncle and his three sisters, I think, watching a seagull in a cherry orchard.

Speaking of fruit & veg (how’s that for a One Show link?) because the price of the stuff has grown through the roof like the proverbial beanstalk, we have decided that we will be stocking less of it for the time being. It is unbelievably expensive at the moment and we cannot ask you to fork out the high price even if we sell it at cost. Speaking of forking out (another One Show link!) we have decided to create a small experimental horticultural project. No, not nicking from allotments or scrumping! The Growing Family Project. Those who have the space to grow fruit & veg; how would you like to grow some for the shop to sell? Set aside a small patch of garden? If you are planting seeds or nurturing veg plants (bought from the shop, naturally!) we would be very grateful if any surplus supplies could be sold to the shop or donated and we can then sell the produce onto our customers.

Speaking of produce, Mother’s Day arrives on 19th March! (Another One Show link? It is really though.)) Lots of foodie and non-foodie items on offer in the shop. New delivery just arrived from Leaf Street including scarves, dried flowers, soft toys and much more. Also Thought Bamboo Socks, vegan organic toiletries from Urtekram, Dartmoor Soap, Sassy Upcycling and Hattie’s Jewellery. Then there is chocolate, lovely biscuits and lovely chocolate biscuits amongst other delicious tasty treats. Mum’s the word!



Ps If you’ve got four cauliflowers in one hand and six cabbages in the other. What do you have?

Big hands.

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