June 2022 – Stu’s News

Beware heavy plant crossing. You will notice that the front of the shop has come alive with colours, smells and greenery. Spring has sprung! Plants from Robert at Lydcott Nursery. Robert Plant? As Shakespeare once wrote in that famous scene in Julius Caeser where Casca and Cassius, whilst discussing their leader amongst the herbaceous borders […]

May 2022 – Stu’s News

Let’s talk nuts! What? Honestly. Butter Bike Co are based at The Boatyard Bakery in Exeter. Alliteration! The company started off with Jeni, a peanut butter fanatic on an old bicycle delivering round and about. Business has blossomed somewhat but, no, she doesn’t pedal along the A377 with a basket on the front ofthe two-wheeler. […]

April 2022 – Stu’s News

April showers? More like April baths. Mud baths! Good for the garden? Yes, if you’re planting rice. How about planting something else? Spring has sprung. A spring is where water comes from anyway and Spring is a time of planting seeds and plants and sprucing up the garden, and even, er chitting your potatoes. Plants […]