The Situation

Over the last few years Sandford Community Stores has had to endure a great deal of barriers and obstacles to our operation as a village shop. Whether it be austerity, Brexit, Covid, the price of fuel, war or inflation. This cost of living crisis affects us as a business but also as customers ourselves. We are all aware of the price rises that affect our daily lives and we in the shop have decided to try and help matters by implementing a new pricing policy. We do have to state that we are a business first and foremost but our duty as a Community shop needs to come to the fore as we did during the pandemic.

The Plan

We have decided to reduce our mark-ups on certain items in the shop. We will take the hit from our suppliers who have increased their prices. Some will be reduced in price and some will stay at their current price for the foreseeable future. We are focusing on those important staple foods that we use on a daily basis; Oliver’s bread, Black Dog eggs, Dunn’s milk and fruit & veg. Throughout Covid you supported your local shop and we in turn supported our local suppliers and producers.who also worked throughout the pandemic. This is the first phase of the plan. We do fully intend to keep these particular price levels until the end of the year. We will continue to look for and display special offers and pass on those deals to our customers.

Loyalty Card

We will be continuing this scheme. Spend a fiver and get a stamp on your loyalty card, spend a tenner and get two. It’s as simple as that. Fill up your card and get a fiver off your next shop, increasing savings on your shopping. There are exceptions, such as alcohol, more details are available in the shop.

Thank You

During Covid, the community of Sandford rallied round and kept the shop going and the shop rallied and kept you going! We did not close because of this support and also because of the tireless efforts of the staff and those who volunteered their services and valuable time to help us get through this terrible time in our history. We all helped the vulnerable and friends, relatives, neighbours and those less fortunate than ourselves. Through the difficult times ahead we are asking you to think of us and the challenges ahead, supporting each other through this and supporting your village shop, yes, your village shop. See you soon.

Stu, Rachel, Kate and The Team

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