April showers? More like April baths. Mud baths!

Good for the garden?
Yes, if you’re planting rice.
How about planting something else?

Spring has sprung.

A spring is where water comes from anyway and Spring is a time of planting seeds and plants and sprucing up the garden, and even, er chitting your potatoes.
Plants are on their way at the time of writing (lunchtime, hence the crumbs) and Lydcott Nursery have been in touch so expect some colour outside of the shop.
I am never too sure what we are going to get in our delivery and I am none the wiser when they arrive!
I am more fish fingers than green fingers.

Your garden is yawning and stretching and about to wake up.
Grass has decided to grow again. Why is that? Your hair doesn’t have time off!

Spring is my favourite season and we are now at the daffodil stage.
Snowdrops before and Bluebells after; the time when a bit of colour comes back into the countryside.

We are selling daffs in the shop too and to come to think of it, we are also selling Daph’s. The Parish Patchwork book by Daphne Munday is a fabulous document of the history of our wonderful village. Well written and informative, it contains so much fascinating detail and interesting photographs giving us many snapshots into Sandford life. Still available at £15.

We also have copies of Michael Lee’s new book Dowrich, A Home For All Seasons too!

There’s more! Sandford Heritage Group have produced two books on the histories of farms in the Sandford parish.

I think we all like history, whether through old buildings or even just a bit of nostalgia for different times or my jokes.

Talking, actually writing, of spring, the Big Spring Draw is coming soon.
Not one of those big springs you find in a drawer in your dad’s shed that will come in useful one day, but a chance to win fabulous prizes for still, just and only £1 per square, the same price!
Not everything has gone up, not even my blood pressure, I am at peace within myself and within the shop. Even so, do not try and push my chocolate buttons! Chocolate! Yes, this will be included in some of those fabulous prizes on offer! You do know it is basically a plant don’t you? It’s good for you and there’s nothing better than getting outside in the garden, breathing in that fresh Devon air and eating some chocolate. Actually, more like chocolate fingers than green fingers!

All profits from the Big Spring Draw will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

You can donate cash to this important organisation through the Post Office.



P.S. my neighbour saw me kneeling down in the garden being busy and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was putting all my plants in alphabetical order. He asked, “how do you find the time?” I replied, “it’s right next to the sage.”

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